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Petition calling for Premier to Ban Fracking across Western Australia

I’m writing to share with you a petition calling for the Premier of Western Australia to impose a full ban on fracking. We have several area’s protected at the moment, but the majority of the State is still open for business so to speak.  The petition is not linked to any organisation – just myself as an individual hoping to bring a mass of Australians in unity to stop the industry from taking root post 2020 after our moratorium ends.

I live in the heart of an area called Eneabba, which is poised to become the launching point for fracking here.  I will personally be affected by the industry, but I’m not alone.  So many communities here need support.

I’m hoping you’ll be able to share this petition with your networks – through your social media accounts or even via email.

Please feel free to share the following link:

West Australians Urge Premier McGowan to Ban Fracking Across the State

If we’re able to help protect Western Australia we can send a strong message that this practice needs to stop across Australia.

I hope that Sustainable Living Armidale can help spread the word to sign and encourage others to share this petition as well.

Warm regards,
Holly Martin

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