David Holmgren
Aussie St.
w/ David Holmgren

Sat., 29 June 2019
2:30pm – 5pm
Armidale Town Hall
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Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.


The SLA Transport Group is here to promote clean and green transport as part of our transition to a sustainable future.

We aim to raise awareness, encourage innovative transport alternatives and help break down barriers to a more sustainable transport environment than the dominant petroleum-driven approach.

Transport emissions are the most rapidly growing source of atmospheric carbon dioxide – primarily due to ever-increasing levels of car ownership and use.

Couple this with dwindling oil reserves and we have a very significant problem – particularly with Australia being so heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Positive solutions must be implemented in wealthy nations like Australia to positively influence the governments and consumers of places like China and India to reduce the global impact of climate change now and into the future. Local communities like Armidale have a big role in making this happen!

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Donations of Bikes and Blankets please

Donations of Bikes and Blankets please

I am alerted by Settlement Services that Bikes and Blankets are still needed if anyone has any to offer. Blankets, doonahs etc should be taken to the Salvation Army’s depot in Beardy Street (block between Beardy and Taylor). There is much demand in the community generally. Bikes are needed for members of the Ezidi community. They should […] full article »

Donations of Bicycles needed for Ezidi Community

Donations of Bicycles needed for Ezidi Community

A very successful Bicycle Day was held at The Traffic Education Centre. Many bicycles and helmets were handed out to happy new owners, other people brought their bikes to be checked and instruction was given on how to ride a bike safely. The overwhelming response meant a lot of people were disappointed as we ran out […] full article »