Black Gully Music Festival 2022
10am SAT NOV 9th

Every year Armidale folk gather at Black Gully (behind NERAM) to celebrate community, music and biodiversity
Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.
Lightbulb Moments
Take control of your electrical use & costs with this Resource Guide Online PDF and Print PDF for welfare agencies to assist clients, colleagues and community.


Gara River, Gara Gorge, The Blue Hole, Armidale, NSW, Australia

Sustainable Water Futures Armidale Region

Seeking water security for people and nature


Inspire our region to live sustainably with water

  • Catalyse the awareness, knowledge, attitudes and ideas (including within governments at all levels) that enable our regional community to live sustainably with water, that is, without jeopardising the capacity of our region’s water systems to meet the needs of people downstream and in the future, and of other species and ecosystems.

Advocate on behalf of water dependent species, ecosystems and processes

  • Advocate for the ecological values and environmental processes that require priority consideration for our region to live sustainably with water.

Promote the crucial importance of water to sustainability challenges

  • Advocate for recognition of the centrality of water to other sustainability challenges facing our region, including climate change, and thus a need for integrated solutions to these challenges.

Collaborate with communities and governments for sustainable solutions

  • Support all levels of government to engage with our community in the thoughtful and collaborative ways needed to creatively explore and work towards sustainable water futures for our region.
  • Work with Armidale Regional Council, NSW and Commonwealth governments and communities to pursue the best practice in water policy, planning and management as needed to live sustainably with water.
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Clean Up Australia: Don’t bin your batteries

Clean Up Australia: Don’t bin your batteries

Sending batteries to landfill is a huge waste of valuable resources and hazardous to the environment. Did you know that if recycled, 95% of the components of a battery can be turned into new batteries or used in other industries. Batteries that are thrown into kerbside bins are also an increasing cause of dangerous fires right across the [...] full article »

Study conservation land management online

Study conservation land management online

About the course The NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) conservation land management e-learning modules offer landholders an opportunity to educate and upskill at their own pace, online. The course has been developed by the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust’s Education team in partnership with the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ Tocal College to complement existing conservation management guidelines [...] full article »