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Free bus from Armidale to Q&A in Tamworth

Monday, 6 Jun
6:45 pm

ABC Q&A – hosted by Tony Jones – is broadcasting LIVE from Tamworth Town Hall on Monday the 6th June. 

There will be a free bus running from Armidale to Tamworth for Armidale residents interested in coming along and being part of the debate.

On the panel answering your questions;

  • Barnaby Joyce –Deputy Prime Minister, Member for New England & Leader of The Nationals
  • Tony Windsor –Independent candidate for New England
  • Joel Fitzgibbon –Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry & Rural Affairs.
  • Fiona Simson – Vice President of the National Farmers Federation, Former President NSW Farmers Federation & Liverpool Plains farmer.
  • Robbie Sefton –Farmer & business leader, MD of marketing and communication business “Sefton & Associates.”

The bus will depart from a central location in Armidale at 6.45pm and return to that location after the broadcast at approx midnight.

If you’re interested in jumping on the bus Here’s what you need to do, register at:

If your registration is successful, someone from the Q&A team will be in contact.

If you want to bring a guest, they need to register, too.

If you don’t need the bus and want to attend that’s fine too, but please let them know.

Register at:

You have to wait until after the next QandA  – so next Monday night at the earliest, but don’t leave it too late – Tuesday is good, or you may not get a seat. (Registering on the bus means you are registered to attend)

One last thing — Ask a question submission page.

(SLA note: The Q&A audience is approximately proportional to the voting public in terms of allegiance to parties (ALP, Libs, Nats, Greens, Independents, Swing) – so consider this carefully when you fill out the part of the Q&A audience form)

We look forward to seeing you at Q&A!

The Q&A team:   phone 02 8333 4065



1 comment to Free bus from Armidale to Q&A in Tamworth

  • Tom Livanos

    I submitted the following question using the online form i.e. linked above:
    My question is to Q&A Moderator, Mr Tony Jones.
    Mr Jones, given that politicians and other societal leaders take up the vast bulk of panellists who appear on Q&A, why is it that audience members ask questions of the panellists rather than the other way round? Especially in the case of participation by politicians, is it not INappropriate to have the general public ask the questions (again, rather than the other way round)? Thank-you.
    Other fields filled in:
    Name: Tom Livanos
    Phone: provided to the ABC
    Postcode: 2350
    Time of submission: 9:44am, Saturday 4 June 2016.
    Confirmation message:
    Thanks. Your question has been submitted. We read all the questions and publish almost all, but can only use a few on TV. Thanks for sharing your question.
    I did not attempt to register to attend the Q&A Episode to be held this Monday (6/6/16) as I am no doubt too late in doing so. I am recuperating after a singular stress I encountered in life which peaked last Monday (30/5/16).

    I am thankful for having the opportunity to submit: (a) my question to Q&A; and (b) this comment here.

    Tom (Livanos)
    Armidale, New South Wales.
    Saturday 4 June 2016.