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Video: Check out the garden

The Armidale Community Garden is part of Sustainable Living Armidale, and growing fresh local food is a cornerstone of enhancing sustainability.

The six disused tennis courts behind the Regional Art Museum have provided a wonderful site for building a garden, and over the years the project has been  supported by hundreds of hard-working volunteers. It is a huge space to work with, and the tennis court fences provide a brilliant support for climbers such as cucumbers, beans and chokos, as well as keeping out kangaroos and rabbits.

The garden is here for the community — It grows fruit, berries, vegetables and herbs, also many flowers and some native shrubs and trees. People may come to help and share in the produce, or just hang out and chat to other gardeners, get some tips, or simply wander around and relax after a stressful day.

Gardening can be good for us in so many ways: it gives us a reason to be active out in the fresh air, creating and connecting to a beautiful environment for ourselves as well as the satisfaction of producing fresh healthy food for our families without all the downsides of long-distance food transportation, cold storage and pesticide use.

We’d love to see you at the Armidale Community Garden behind New England Regional Art Gallery — 208 Taylor Street. We are open 4 afternoons a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from around 1pm until dusk when the chooks agree to being shut in for the night.

Check out the garden!

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