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RSVP today: Visit Eastlake — Protecting New England Biodiversity

Friday, 17 Jun
9:00 amto2:30 pm

What’s possible if you could get a return on investment for your remnant vegetation?

You are invited to hear how protecting your biodiversity can add to your bottom line and the health of your whole property from experienced local Landholders.

Topics include:

  • Potential financial benefits
  • Eligible vegetation types
  • Types of agreements
  • How to explore and initiate an agreement with NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust,
  • What is involved in having an agreement on your property, and
  • Inspect a 72 ha Biodiversity Conservation Agreement area.

‘Eastlake’, 1224 Hillview Road, Salisbury Plains, Uralla

9am – 2.30pm, Friday 17th June 2022

All Welcome
Morning tea and lunch provide

Registrations are essential for catering purposes. RSVP: Tuesday 14th June. Register here.

1 comment to RSVP today: Visit Eastlake — Protecting New England Biodiversity

  • I went through the process with BCT, including property inspection etc, and all was good for an agreement with some rare vegetation and bird species. The only issue was that the neighbour did not have his horses totally enclosed- there was a possibility they could roam onto my property.
    Some months later they fenced the back of their horse area, so the one hurdle for my BCT agreement was gone. I advised my BCT contact that the horses were no longer able to wander onto my place.
    He had moved on, but passed me onto the person now handling it, then some weeks later, after a few emails from me wondering what was happening, they told me that they had “lost the paperwork”!

    Interesting, as I don’t think there is any paper inside most computers!

    They said I’d have to start from scratch and do it all again.
    There aren’t currently any offers for my area, SE of Tamworth. Maybe I should have made an agreement with a logging company to clearfell everything instead!

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