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Armidale #ClimateStrike 9.30am this Friday 21st at Curtis Park

Friday, 21 May
9:30 amto12:00 pm

Join us to strike for the climate this Friday!!

GATHER at 9.30 at Curtis Park for inspiring speeches, music & petition signing (program below). Then march with us at 11am from the park, through town to the post office to send the petition to Canberra! We are COVID safe!

Please be sure you bring your masks. You will be required to socially distance and sign in via QR code. If you are sick, stay home.

WHY ARE WE STRIKING?? Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, plans to spend over $50 million on funding for Gas mines.

The Australian government says that these mines will help us transition into renewable energy, as gas is a slightly less carbon emitter than coal. However, gas is STILL a fossil fuel! These mines, if dug, will tip us over the point of no return and we will not be able to salvage our already dying environment. We need to encourage the Australian government to Fund Our Future Not Gas!

PROGRAM: 9.30am at Curtis Park where there will be PETITION-SIGNING and a creek clean up as well!

  • Intro & Welcome – Arlie Bragg (yr8 she/her)
  • Acknowledgement of Country – Narmi Collins Widders (yr10 she/her)
  • Music – Archie Todd (yr10 he/him)
  • Speech – Abigail Chambers (yr7 she/her)
  • Music – Josie O’Baoill (yr9 she/her)
  • Speech – Rubi Ainsworth (yr11 she/they)
  • Music – Jhana Allan (adult she/her)
  • Music – Nyla Chemene & Jess Race (yr7 she/her)
  • Open Mike – we invite other people to speak out
  • MARCH: 11am from Curtis Park, through town to Armidale Post Office to send the PETITION to Canberra. Students will march first, and we WELCOME ALL ADULTS to support us by marching behind us… showing that you respect and support our leadership and courage in standing up to the politicians and leaders who are impacting our future!

A couple more speeches and thank you’s. Close at 12 noon.
Keep checking the Armidale event facebook page for updates on this Strike!

All Strike events are COVID-safe and ask that attendees follow local restrictions, bring face masks and hand sanitiser, practice physical distancing of 1.5 metres, and stay home if they have cold or flu-like symptoms.

2 comments to Armidale #ClimateStrike 9.30am this Friday 21st at Curtis Park

  • Do you have an onsite forum? What are members doing to lower their carbon footprint? If you do not have a forum so members can ask questions & share knowledge, then you NEED one.
    Regards, Keith.

  • Tom Livanos

    I was there in spirit.

    Children and all, I have been working to mitigate climate change since I watched ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ in the cinemas in 2006 (twice, second time with my mother). I give a nod to Al Gore and to former President of the United States of America Jimmy Carter who established a solar energy industry in that bastion of corporate capitalism.

    I support your strikes.

    I support Greta Thunberg’s awareness raising. I believe that, aside from climate change, you are making a case to lower the voting age. This is especially here in Australia.

    It is tragic that Scott Morrison and the like are not leading the way in this sunburnt country. Apart from access to sunlight, we have an enormous potential to harness tidal energy, wind energy, wave energy which a) do not contribute to climate change; and b) are accessible forms of energy.

    I continue to fight to mitigate climate change. Feel free to email me at tom.369@hotmail.com if you wish to know more about my efforts. This applies to everyone who is reading here.

    As passionate as I am about it all, I have reached a point where I realise there is only so much one person can do on his (i.e. my) own. I am therefore ready to team up with anyone and everyone in whatever way I can to address what has sadly become a climate emergency.

    An emergency because of obfuscation and redirection rather than action i.e up to this time. That is shameful and, although I have done my best to address it and have it addressed by wider society, it remains a problem. As such, I shoulder my share of the responsibility. I continue to fight the good (i.e. responsible) fight. I appreciate your time and attention in reading here.

    All the best to everyone,
    Tom Livanos
    Sydney, Australia (with belongings in Armidale)
    Friday 21 May 2021