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Will society collapse? Breaking Together book review

Jem Bendell actually takes it further and gives data and timeline of near future societal collapse.

It’s heavy yet convincing logic  for the economy, money, energy, biosphere, climate, and food all collapsing. Bendell after dealing with the dense collapse arguments moves to the second half of the book and the central transformation process of feeling the emotions of loosing everything, collapse into the reality that “imperial modernity” aka current materialistic ways of living are dying. Instead of just feeling fear, feel every emotion, see what remains — the freedoms, connection to nature, each other, and solutions like shortening supply lines for one example.

There are a few of Jem’s views apart from the fairly harmless ones like brushing aside Hipsters as just a fashion, his emotive angle on mainstream Covid response and his broadside view that vaccines were untested and efficacy as non-existent is jarring and created a dissonance that his views are possibly blinded by anti establishment and distrust of corporations that borders on conspiratorial and that possibly the previous 10 chapters were actually biased the same way. That said if you think everything in the modern world is gone Pete Tong — I think it is best to look at it directly and unflinchingly like Bendell has and listen, and digest this important book at an emotional level.

Breaking Together is actually somewhat freeing under all the loss. 

Jem Bendell » Breaking Together ePub for free

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