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350 Australia: Duty of Care Bill submission

Thursday, 23 Nov
5:00 pm

When she was just sixteen years old, Anjali Sharma took the Federal Government to court, arguing that it had a duty of care towards young people and future generations. Anjali won the court case, but the government appealed the decision and it was overturned.

Anjali is now working with Senator David Pocock on a bill that makes the argument again – decision makers have a responsibility towards current and future children, and must protect them from climate impacts. And now, the government wants to hear what people like you think.

The Duty of Care Bill is open for public submissions until 23 November, and 350 Australia’s submission will include messages of support from people all over the country. The more messages we have, the stronger our argument will be that the government has a duty of care towards children on climate change.

Please add a short message of support for us to include in our submission? It’s quick and easy with our talking points!

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