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Water Prices and Plans: Your turn to ask Council a question

Tuesday, 6 Jun
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

Malpas Dam, Armidale, NSW, Australia

  • Tuesday June 6th 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • NOVA centre 122 Faulkner St, Armidale

Main speaker: Alex Manners, Armidale Regional Council Chief Officer Assets and Services

SLA’s Sustainable Water Futures action group has organised this forum for us. They will present results from their recent community survey, Water Security: What Matters to You.

Alex Manners will explain what Council does to provide water and sewage services for us all, what is being planned to provide water security for people in this region in the future, how the costs are proposed to be shared in 2023/24 and what the cost implications of Council’s plans may be. It’s great that Alex will come as he is keen to answer questions.

Armidale Regional Council’s draft Operational Plan, budget, fees and charge for 2023/24 are on exhibition: submissions are sought by 14 June. The proposal includes raising all water connection fees by $23 but no change to prices per kilolitre used or for sewage services. The sewerage charge is also increasing by $30 from $525 to $555 a year. The forum will enable you to put in an informed submission.

You can also find out why Council proposes to spend time working on details of how Malpas dam could be raised, how Oaky dam could be refurbished and how piping of water from Oaky River might enable a massive increase in Armidale Region’s water use. You can ask what approvals would be needed or some other relevant question.

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