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Death Group meeting with guest solicitor Greg Moin

Thursday, 16 Mar
7:00 pm

Greg Moin has kindly agreed to unravel the mysteries around Advanced Care Directives for this upcoming meeting at Kent House. Other discussions around human composting and some info from the Natural Death Alliance Network.

This is minutes taken at Death Forum 16th Feb 2023

  • Jane Pickard from Banded Bee farm updated us on the history of the Natural Burial ground that eventually was quashed by USC despite extensive and thorough surveys and reports. So this is now no longer an option.
  • Straight from home to cemetery. For this we as a group could purchase a cold plate $8000 .
  • In this model there is a role to support families to have the confidence to keep their loved ones at home. Group could learn these skills in supporting the dying as well use local palliative care nurses through community health. As well use local death doulas such as Liz Mingay and Rebecca Passey who is currently training.
  • And the big one — Community Mortuary. I (Maxine) discussed the history (2019) with myself and Suzanne Wright  in terms of trying to find a suitable room for a community run mortuary. Suzanne and I approached USC again asking them for a small space to do this around Uralla Shire but nothing was available due to zoning. We have not approached Armidale council yet so this is still a possibility. To run this effectively we would need at least 8 volunteers to share the load  and of course set up a cool room.
  • Barefoot funeral option Barefoot from Bellingen will come up to this area but body is taken to the coast and brought back up. Leonie from Barefoot is very generous and able to share her expertise with us if needed. Barefoot have wicker and untreated wood caskets,
  • The role of this group can also be information exchange and sharing around all aspects of death care. A suggestion of a pamphlet to be made about current local options. I spoke to Liz after the meeting who said would be able to work on the info part of this with myself. But anyone who would like to add their thoughts to this please don’t hold back. April has volunteered to make the pamphlet once we give her the information.

Next Meeting: 16th March at Kent House

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