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Presentation: Solar farm learnings — building a renewable energy UNE campus

Tuesday, 24 May
5:30 pm

The solar farm project commenced in 2016. It is a cornerstone of UNE’s substantial commitment to renewable energy, but just one in a series of UNE sustainability projects.

Along the way to becoming a 100% ‘renewables’ campus, there are many learning opportunities (including around Cultural Heritage, the environment, and our community) – opportunities that are being embraced and woven into next steps.

Find out more about UNE’s commitment to renewable energy:

  • How did it happen?
  • What has been learned?
  • How has the commitment translated into a more sustainable campus?

Presenters include:

  • Patrick Crick, Associate Director, Estate and Built Environment UNE
  • Suzannah Mitchell, Environmental & Sustainability Manager, EBE
  • Steven Ahoy, Aboriginal Cultural Advisor, EBE
  • Dr Eric Nordberg, Lecturer (Ecology and Zoology), School of Environmental and Rural Science

The event will be at 5.30pm, Tuesday 24 May @ NOVA, 122 Faulkner Street

For more and to RSVP https://www.unesri.com.au/event-listings/solar-farm-learnings-building-a-renewable-energy-une-campus

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