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Final call: RSVP to tonight’s ACF integrity forum on zoom

Tuesday, 12 Apr
7:00 pmto8:30 pm

The National Integrity Policy Forum lets you hear directly from politicians and candidates about what they’ll do to protect our democracy from unfair corporate interest. Join on Tuesday 12 April to hear from a huge lineup of speakers and invite your friends.

To solve the climate crisis we need a healthy democracy. One that is free from the influence of big money from the coal and gas industries, and working in the best interests of people and planet.

That’s why ACF and our partners in the #OurDemocracy campaign urge all parties and candidates to adopt solutions to boost integrity – like banning political donations from big polluters and creating an independent watchdog to stamp out corruption.

With the election called for MAY 21st, join us for the National Integrity Policy Forum to find out the integrity platforms of a wide range of party representatives, independents and candidates.

Off the back of a building wave of community momentum – through Big Deal documentary screenings, community surveying of 10,000 people and engaging with politicians – a big turnout at this national forum will show every party and candidate just how many people from all walks of life care about cleaning up our democracy.

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