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#ClimateActionNow social media action

Thursday, 14 Apr
11:00 am

Can you help us make #ClimateActionNow trend on social media this Thursday 14 April, 11am?

  • What: #ClimateActionNow day of action
  • Where: Online on social media (including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
  • When: Thursday 14 April, 11am

A federal election has been called for 21 May, and there’s now going to be a lot of attention on what issues our communities care about most. It’s an important moment to talk about climate solutions that will slash pollution this decade like replacing coal and gas with clean energy and creating future-proof jobs, and protecting and restoring nature to store greenhouse gases naturally.

This Thursday 14 April people across the country are posting #ClimateActionNow signs to social media to show their support for these solutions.

Take part in 3 easy steps:
  1. Have you got your #ClimateActionNow sign?  We are delivering across New England tonight and tomorrow so if you haven’t got one yet order one below now or make your own!
  2. Take a photo of you and your sign – Do this today so you have the photo ready
  3. Post it on all the following social media sites – on Thursday 14 April at 11.00am AEST
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Climate Action Now

Let’s do this together April 14th 11am 

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