Black Gully Music Festival 2022
10am SAT NOV 12th

Every year Armidale folk gather at Black Gully (behind NERAM) to celebrate community, music and biodiversity
A Framework for Climate Action
ARC Climate Emergency Working Group Report 2020 for emissions reduction, carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation.
Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.
Lightbulb Moments
Take control of your electrical use & costs with this Resource Guide Online PDF and Print PDF for welfare agencies to assist clients, colleagues and community.

Electric bicycle expo at Armidale Farmers’ Market

Sunday, 13 Mar
10:00 amto12:30 pm

It feels like we are emerging from the global pandemic of lockdowns and restrictions. We seem to be beating covid finally, and if we can overcome a global pandemic, surely getting on top of climate change is equally as achievable. One way (and there are many) is changing transport behaviour. Instead of driving “tanks” solo that weight 1300kgs running on fossil fuels around town, we could be riding electric bicycles.

Riding electric bicycles or just ‘ebikes’ instead of driving your gas guzzler will:

  • lower carbon emissions
  • get you healthy
  • and the clincher — save money

And the best thing (and just like cars) —ebikes will scale Armidale’s steep hills with ease.

The Ebike Expo will bring together both bicycle shops, Armidale Bicycle Centre, and Bicycle Central, people who own ebikes, and those who want to own ebikes to share the latest options, legalities, and, trends.

Join the revolution or just have a sticky beak and lust at all the new ebikes that have hit the market recently. If you haven’t ridden an ebike up a hill — you definitely should!

The Ebike Expo will be at the Armidale Farmer’s Market 10am–12:30pm Sunday 13th March at Curtis Park.

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