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AUDIO: What you need to know for voting

Saturday, 4 Dec

Voting for Council: A formal vote on the Council ballot paper requires:

  • voting either ‘above the line’ for parties and groups of candidates, or voting ‘below the line’ for individual candidates. DO NOT mix and match preferences across the black dividing line.
  • If voting ‘above the line’, place a ‘1’ in the box above the column of candidates who you wish to vote for. You can give further preferences 2, 3 etc for other groups above the line.
  • If voting ‘below the line’, complete a minimum 6 preferences, placing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in voting squares next to candidate names. You can keep numbering beyond the minimum preferences to maximise the power of your vote.
  • Whether voting above or below the line, number groups (above) or candidates (below) in the order you would like to see them elected. The more preferences you complete, the more effective your vote may be.

IF IN DOUBT – Instructions on the MINIMUM number of preferences required are printed on the ballot paper.
BUT REMEMBER – the more preferences you complete, the more effective your vote.

See all How To Vote material from candidates: Armidale Regional | NSW Electoral Commission

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