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National Threatened Species Day — 7th September: media storm

Tuesday, 7 Sep

This Tuesday, 7 September is ‘National Threatened Species Day’ and North East Forest Alliance have decided to send a clear message online to the NSW Government that logging public native forests must end now.

In a climate emergency and mass extinction event our elected governments should be doing all they can to protect threatened animals and plants from extinction.

Yet in NSW the Berejiklian Government continues to allow irreplaceable native forests that are home to threatened species to be destroyed by industrial logging.

We can’t meet in person this year for Threatened Species Day, but let’s send a clear message online to the NSW Government that logging public native forests must end now.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Prepare your message for the Berejiklian Government that’s related to threatened species and our public native forests .

  2. Write it on some paper or paint a banner and take a COVID-safe selfie, group photo, or get creative.

  3. Send your photo to protectnewry@gmail.com so we can collate them all.

  4. On the 7th September – share your photo on your own social media accounts and join the social media swarm. Include in your pictures and posts what you expect from our elected leaders during a mass extinction event and use key messages above highlighted in bold.

Be sure to use the hashtags below (as well as your local tags)


If on Twitter – #nswpol

And tag social accounts below:

Visit NSW StateForests – @VisitNSWForests
Gladys Berejiklian -@GladysB
John Barilaro – @JohnBarilaroMP
Matt Kean – @Matt_KeanMP
Your local state and federal member social accounts.

If you’d also like to add the link to NEFA’s crowdfunder for the court case that is taking Government to court we’d really appreciate it  https://chuffed.org/…/nefa-is-taking-government-to-court

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