A Framework for Climate Action
ARC Climate Emergency Working Group Report 2020 for emissions reduction, carbon sequestration and climate change adaption.
Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.
Lightbulb Moments
Take control of your electrical use & costs with this Resource Guide Online PDF and Print PDF for welfare agencies to assist clients, colleagues and community.

National Sustainable Living Festival Themes 2021

Now calling all change-makers, presenters, artists, performers, and creatives! To help accelerate our collective action in this crucial moment, NSLF encourages event applicants to respond to the following 2021 Festival themes.

What do we really want to sustain? How do we express our relationship with what we want to protect? What scale and speed of action is essential to save and secure what we care about?

What does the current pandemic emergency tell us about how we can face the climate and biodiversity crisis? What lessons from this unprecedented response can be applied to our advocacy and action?

The current pandemic has led many people to connect with their local environment and community in new and deeper ways. What local impacts and threats have come into the spotlight? What local solutions are key in supporting rapid global success?

How can we address the climate emergency and long-term sustainability in the post-pandemic reboot? What’s the current reality we now face and what level of response do we need to protect people and planet? What are the associated employment, economic and social opportunities at this pivotal time?


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