Black Gully Music Festival 2016
Black Gully Festival 10am SAT NOV 9

Every year Armidale folk gather at Black Gully (behind NERAM) to celebrate community, music and biodiversity
Sustainable Living Armidale Youth Awards
We are looking for ideas from young people promoting awareness about climate change, we are calling it SLAya and there are prizes to be won!!

2019 NSW Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition

Friday, 2 Aug
5:00 pm

The 2019 NSW Competition will be open for entries between June 3 and August 2, so now’s a great time for your children to get started on their artworks! Children from 5-12 years old in NSW can participate.

Children are invited to choose a threatened native species, then create a drawing or painting of it with an accompanying short explanation of their work. The rules have changed a bit this year, so that children from NSW can pick any threatened Australian native species.

For more info:

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