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Nature Conservation Council — Top 20 NSW deforestation hotspots exposed

A few hours ago, I was in NSW Parliament to launch a new report on deforestation in NSW. We’ve exposed the top 20 deforestation hotspots in NSW. Shockingly, 17 of the 20 hotspots are home to koala habitat that is now at risk of land clearing under NSW’s new deforestation laws.

With fewer than 21,000 koalas left in NSW these trees are too precious to lose.

Here’s some of the critical facts you’ll find in our report:

Top 20 deforestation hotspots in NSW are:

  • Eastern Australia (Queensland and NSW) is one of 11 global deforestation hotspots, including the Amazon and the Congo, and the only area in a developed nation on the list.
  • Only 9% of native vegetation in NSW remains intact and in good condition.
  • Eight million hectares of land in NSW have been put at risk of clearing by just one new code.
  • Koala numbers have declined 33% between 1990 and 2010
  • At least 1000 species of plants and animals are facing extinction, and the destruction of their habitats is the leading threat.

Send a copy of this critical report to your MP here.

Thanks for all that you do for our forests,

Shirley Hall
Nature Campaigner
Nature Conservation Council of NSW

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