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Fundraiser for our Western Woodland Koalas on Chuffed by David Paull

images-thumb_v5Yo9dBnrtEBcfCpZW_Pilliga_KoalaOur Declining Koalas

Once widespread through our woodlands and forests, Koalas are in trouble west of the Great Dividing Range. Koala populations in this region are most susceptible to global warming impacts as well as having to deal with ongoing habitat loss and disease. Preliminary evidence shows that most populations are in decline or even worse, there is no recent evidence of their continued presence.

There is no Plan

There is no National Recovery Plan for the Koala and the Commonwealth government continues to stall on this issue. The outdated NSW Recovery Plan has very little detail about which populations are under threat or where they are while the NSW Government is intending to water down land-clearing laws. An approach is urgently needed that takes into account Koala survival at a landscape and local level and identifies priority areas where action is required.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

The Western Woodlands Alliance is a union of local and state environment groups and organisations. It is the aim of the group to further the conservation of the Koala in the following ways.

  • Develop a Koala population map for inland NSW
  • Investigate the status of the populations and priority habitat for their survival
  • Prepare, publish and promote a proposal for a Western Woodland Koala Park (the Plan) – a conceptual park which identifies critical public and private lands and landscape linkages for targeted recovery actions and investment.
  • Gather evidence to support an end to logging in native forests in NSW
  • Undertake further work to verify Koala persistence in historical population areas
  • Support community groups to obtain funding to assist the conservation of Koalas on private lands
  • Seek an increase in the reserve system with am outcome on better protection of Koala habitat

You can help save the Koala!

Right now we are gathering data on our Koalas – the work has started and local carer and environment groups from across NSW are assisting. In order for the findings of our study and our proposal for a Western Woodlands Koala Park to obtain maximum community impact with political and media exposure, we intend to publish and distribute to interested parties and the wider community. An expert review panel will be established.

So to make this happen we need $10 000 to cover necessary costs for:

  • Publishing, printing and distributing our Plan
  • Informing local communities, organisations, and government agencies about our Plan

Ultimately the Alliance wishes to undertake Koala ‘citizen science’ surveys at key locations and to start involving landowners who wish to help our declining Koalas.

It is hoped the Plan will galvanise ongoing and future Koala conservation planning and recovery actions in NSW

What you get!

The Western Woodlands Alliance wishes to start an Inland Koala supporters list to receive updates and information regarding the campaign and for any opportunities which may arise to undertake citizen science, education or delegation activities.

All donors over $20 will receive an electronic copy of the Western Woodland Koala Park proposal which will include details of populations, priority areas and detailed maps.

All donors over $100 will receive a copy of the report and a wonderful Tee Shirt “Save our Koalas – Save our Woodlands”

By David Paull

2 comments to Fundraiser for our Western Woodland Koalas on Chuffed by David Paull

  • Richelle Roberts

    Wonderful to see more great work from Dave Paull and the Western Woodland Alliance. Happy to financially support the development of a koala park to help koala populations on the western side of the GDR – I understand they’ve been struggling for years in regards to relocation due to habitat loss. I wonder how we can promote this further in Armidale? Besides social media…

  • editor

    We could invite David to a SLA forum.