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The Global Climate March on November 29th is getting HUGE! wear colourful clothes

Sunday, 1 Nov
1:00 pmto3:00 pm

march-mapThis is going to be mega! Last year almost 700,000 people took to their streets and created the largest mobilisation on climate change in history. This year we are going even bigger!

If hundreds of thousands of us join events in cities and towns everywhere, we’ll show our leaders meeting in Paris that our movement cannot be ignored and we will accept nothing less than an ambitious climate deal, with a global commitment to 100% clean energy!

National Day of Climate Change_Armidale 080

1pm Sunday 29th November, report to Central Park, Armidale.

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This year’s People’s Climate March will be a colourful and united display of people power. Stand with your people for a safe climate by wearing one of these colours and marching with your “bloc”.

Let’s seize this moment, for our future, our kids’ futures, and everything we love.

More Information:

Event on Avaaz

1 comment to The Global Climate March on November 29th is getting HUGE! wear colourful clothes

  • Tom Livanos

    If last year’s event (Sunday 21-Sep-2014) is anything to go by, this should be a great day. Should we make this year’s event on a Sunday as well (i.e. 29-Nov-2015)? If so, it could be combined with the ‘Markets In The Mall’ on Beardy Street (or perhaps further up Faulkner?). This may be a little different to the Farmers’ Markets last year but, given the proximity to the Climate Summit in Paris, that may be a positive? Thank-you Sustainable Living Armidale for informing me/us of this event.

    Tom Livanos.