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Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
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Armidale Bike Week – Commute Challenge 2015

Saturday, 12 SeptoFriday, 18 Sep
shazamshoots-2Show just how much pedal power you have during Armidale’s third annual Commute Challenge – a NSW Bike Week activity and continues the Armidale Road to Paris journey. Make a team or just ride yourself to be in the running for great prizes by riding either the furthest total distance, or the completing most individual trips during the week. for the chance to take out the coveted Golden Wheel trophy.
“We know from our first Commute Challenge in 2013 there are plenty of Armidale people who ride bicycles for some transport trips and reap the benefits” said Tom Fisher, Convenor of the SLA Transport Group.
“Commute Challenge is about local riders of all abilities seeing how much transport they can do in one week by bike – to save money, burn kilijoules, increase fitness and reduce climate change emissions.”
Bike-Week-Armidale-2015-commute-challengeThe commute challenge is part of NSW Bike Week, which aims to promote cycling as a healthy and safe transport choice for short trips. Bike Week also aims to increase the use of local cycling infrastructure for transport, as well as purely for recreation.Commute Challenge runs from Sat12 – Fri 18 September. Go to SLArmidale.org/bikeweek to register and log your trips to be in the running for great prizes?

1 comment to Armidale Bike Week – Commute Challenge 2015

  • Tom Livanos

    May I thank Mr Tom Fisher for:

    – Convening the Transport action group within Sustainable Living Armidale;
    – Raising awareness of the existence of Bike Week three years ago; and
    – Continuing to convene the group and organise Bike Week events in Armidale. This includes successful applications for government funding to advertise Bike Week events i.e. each year.

    Thank-you Tom.

    Thank-you also to those who have supported Tom in organising each year’s events. I have not been one of them but I am reminded each year that riding a bicycle is a healthy and environmentally friendly method of transportation. With this, I will take to riding a bicycle. It is only a matter of time.

    Best regards,
    Tom Livanos.