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Clean, Green, & Smart

Tuesday, 28 Jul
6:00 pmto7:30 pm

Talk: Clean, Green, & Smart or Coal Badlands: the future of New England

  • When: 28 July 2015, 6:00pm
  • Where: Tops room, Armidale City Bowling Club, 92 Dumaresq St.
  • Speaker: Greens NSW MP John Kaye

The future of New England is up for grabs. Jobs, the environment and the economy are at risk from state and federal governments that cannot see beyond the next big resource project, to secure long term employment growth in clean energy industries.

At the Shenhua Watermark project grinds towards final approval, TAFE is being dismantled by the NSW Liberals and Nationals and their  competitive training market. The environment and critical farm land are being destroyed by fossil fuel extraction and the options for new industries are being undermined by the destruction of the skilled and educated workforce.

Kaye believes we need to work toward a different future for New England, based on re-investing in TAFE to build skills and innovation needed to develop new industries in clean food, renewable energy and rural transport solutions.

If you want to stay for dinner, please RSVP {mobile phone prefix}08 670 684 (Elizabeth)


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