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Children’s Week Event, Oct 26 – A Forest of Trees for a Children’s Parliament

Children’s Week™ celebrates the right of children to enjoy childhood and to have a good future.

Each year, a particular Article in the UN Rights of the Child is emphasised and this year it is Article 12 about the right of children to have a voice and be heard.

There can be few issues as relevant to our children as the changes in our climate and how these will affect their future environment.

So, as part of Children’s Week, the organisation Act on Climate ( is planning to ask people all over Australia, in each and every suburb and town, to stand up and organise an event to let the children have a voice and be heard on Sunday, October 26th.

Act on Climate is not looking for a mass event in the park but rather unintimidating small events in each town and suburb across the whole of Australia. The theme of the day is based on TREES.

A Forest of Trees – A Children’s Parliament

The concept is for children to create and decorate cut-out trees (about a metre tall) expressing their feelings and wishes about the environment in words on the trees. All kinds of trees – pine trees are easy, but also round trees, eucalypts, palms, trees with birds on them, trees with animals like koalas, trees with messages on leaves – the more the merrier.

The plan is for children to either create the trees at school during Children’s Week (Oct 19-26) or to meet at 10am on Sunday 26th, to create and decorate the trees. Then at 2pm, the general public would be invited to see the trees and listen to the children talking to them as to what their tree means to them, i.e. giving them a voice and letting them be heard. We are using the word parliament in the sense of to parley and in Scotland this was found to be the word most appreciated by the children when they did something similar.

At the end of the day, it would be great to see a little forest of children’s trees.

Before going national with this, I am asking you locally for your comments and recommendations on this plan.

Do you feel primary schools would be interested in the plan? What changes do you feel should be made to the plan?

We are pleased to say that the plan has the approval of the Childrens Week Organisation of NSW and is supported by the WWF and Oxfam.

However concerns have been raised as to how it would actually work and hence we would like to ask your thoughts on this.

If you would beinterested in helping plan and organise this event locally, please contact me.

Children's Week Official event

Children’s Week Official event

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