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After the “Great Neighborhood” Film

There was quite a crowd at the “Designing a Great Neighborhood” film shown at this month’s Progressive Cinema. 37 people attended the evening (and not all of them familiar faces!), with about 15 remaining for the discussion afterwards.

Cathie Lamont introduced the film and gave a brief overview of the story of SLA Village (now SLA Community) before taking a remarkably patient 5-year-old home to bed. Debra Mill, who “jumped into the breach” to facilitate the post-film discussion when Cathie couldn’t find a replacement babysitter, reported that the film was generally regarded as having useful and relevant ideas. “Some questions remained, however, and another discussion to explore these would be of interest”, Debra said. How were residents recruited? How would we be able to adapt the planning process in a region where there does not appear to be as much government support as there was in Boulder (the development seems to have been initiated by the council there)? Is it really affordable housing? Where did the lower income families live?

A number of people (mainly parents with children who also needed child-minding) have expressed an interest in seeing the film if child-minding could be provided, so if you’re interested in continuing the discussion or seeing the film for the first time, watch this space!

Cathie would like to thank Imi and Bea and the Armidale Club for providing the opportunity to show this film, to Debra for facilitating the discussion, to Nicholas for being so patient and to Bar for reaching over and saying some magical words to soothe the frantic scribbling that was drowning out Mummy’s introduction! Contributions towards the cost of the film and to the discussion were also much appreciated.

Progressive Cinema is now in recess until 2012. Suggestions for films are most welcome.

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