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Climate Matters: The Value Of A Local Farmers’ Market

What does the local Farmers market have to do with climate matters?

Why should it matter to me?

Our Armidale Farmers’ Market provides an opportunity for locals to purchase fresh, seasonably available, locally grown and prepared produce. We as consumers can interact with the producers, and increase our knowledge and understanding of what we eat.

Where does our food originate? How is it grown? How far has it travelled? When was it harvested? Who profits from its sale? Are you happy to trust the major retailers to look after your best interests? Getting to know your local farmers and getting involved in your food decisions is a positive start.

We all have an impact on our environment both locally and globally, in line with the decisions we make every day. Taking responsibility for our own actions will flow through into our community and our future. By choosing to support local farmers, we potentially affect our connections with, and the vibrancy and resilience of our local community. By choosing to eat some locally grown produce eat, and improve both our physical and mental health.

Take a walk to the markets on Sunday mornings, bring and reuse bags, carry your own reusable coffee cup and water bottle, connect with friends and producers, get involved in your local community, support local farmers – all things that each of us can choose to do, which will help to reduce our own impact on our environment and build a stronger community.

The Farmers Market movement across Australia provides a viable alternative way for us as consumers to access quality fresh produce, while reducing food miles and supporting a more sustainable model for agriculture. By supporting your local market you can become a more informed and knowledgeable part of a bigger movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

We often feel helpless when confronted by the inevitability of climate change. What can we as individuals really do?

By thinking about our eating habits and making decisions in line with our values we become part of a growing movement that has the scale to influence corporate and government action.

Farmers markets are a ground up response to the concerns we feel about our future. Supporting your local farmers market and encouraging local growers is one way of being part of a community that believes that climate really does matter.

By Joc Coventry, Chair, Armidale Farmers’ Market



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