Black Gully Music Festival 2016
Black Gully Festival 10am SAT NOV 9

Every year Armidale folk gather at Black Gully (behind NERAM) to celebrate community, music and biodiversity
Sustainable Living Armidale Youth Awards
We are looking for ideas from young people promoting awareness about climate change, we are calling it SLAya and there are prizes to be won!!

Climate Matters: Tips to lower your household energy use

Start with behaviour, it’s free.  Below are positive things to do. Each saves a tiny bit of electricity but together they add up.

Laundry and hot water

  • Do I take short showers, so use less hot water.
  • Do I wash my clothes in cold water?
  • Do I hang my clothes to dry outside rather than use a clothes dryer?


  • Do I close windows in daytime during hot weather and open them at night to let in cool air?
  • Do I open a window midday in winter to let in fresh air, but keep it closed most of the time.
  • Do I have double glazed windows, or put bubble wrap or plastic on window panes in winter?


  • Do I open curtains in daytime during cold months, and close them during daytime in hot weather?
  • Do I close curtains as soon as it gets dark in cold months and open them in warm months as soon as the outside air is cooler than inside?


  • Do I only fill the kettle with the amount of water I need?
  • Do I usually cook with lids on my pots
  • Do I make sure things are cool before putting in frig?
  • Do I cook several things at one time, when using the oven?
  • Do I turn off the oven before baking is finished so it continues to cook without using additional electricity?
  • Do I only use a dishwasher when full.

Stand-by, lights, televisions, radios, phones

  • Do I turn off appliances at the wall when not in use so they aren’t left on stand-by? (In some households stand-by accounts for about 10% of the electricity used.)
  • Do I Turn off lights when not needed?
  • Do I use energy efficient light bulbs?
  • Do I only keep the television or radio on when I am actively watching/listening?
  • Do I unplug the phone charger once it is fully charged?
  • Do I turn off computers when not in use?

The big one is heating and cooling. Can I live comfortably in a cooler house in winter and a warmer house in summer?

  • Do I only heat or cool the rooms we are in and close off other rooms?

By Patsy Asch, Sustainable Living Armidale

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