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Climate Matters: Tips to lower your household energy use

Start with behaviour, it’s free.  Below are positive things to do. Each saves a tiny bit of electricity but together they add up.

Laundry and hot water

  • Do I take short showers, so use less hot water.
  • Do I wash my clothes in cold water?
  • Do I hang my clothes to dry outside rather than use a clothes dryer?


  • Do I close windows in daytime during hot weather and open them at night to let in cool air?
  • Do I open a window midday in winter to let in fresh air, but keep it closed most of the time.
  • Do I have double glazed windows, or put bubble wrap or plastic on window panes in winter?


  • Do I open curtains in daytime during cold months, and close them during daytime in hot weather?
  • Do I close curtains as soon as it gets dark in cold months and open them in warm months as soon as the outside air is cooler than inside?


  • Do I only fill the kettle with the amount of water I need?
  • Do I usually cook with lids on my pots
  • Do I make sure things are cool before putting in frig?
  • Do I cook several things at one time, when using the oven?
  • Do I turn off the oven before baking is finished so it continues to cook without using additional electricity?
  • Do I only use a dishwasher when full.

Stand-by, lights, televisions, radios, phones

  • Do I turn off appliances at the wall when not in use so they aren’t left on stand-by? (In some households stand-by accounts for about 10% of the electricity used.)
  • Do I Turn off lights when not needed?
  • Do I use energy efficient light bulbs?
  • Do I only keep the television or radio on when I am actively watching/listening?
  • Do I unplug the phone charger once it is fully charged?
  • Do I turn off computers when not in use?

The big one is heating and cooling. Can I live comfortably in a cooler house in winter and a warmer house in summer?

  • Do I only heat or cool the rooms we are in and close off other rooms?

By Patsy Asch, Sustainable Living Armidale

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