Sustainable Living Armidale Youth Awards
We are looking for ideas from young people promoting awareness about climate change, we are calling it SLAya and there are prizes to be won!!
Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.

Will you share your #climatestory?

It you pay attention, you can see climate damage everywhere.

The seasons aren’t what they used to be. We swelter through record-breaking heatwaves. There are bushfires in winter, and even in tropical rainforests in Queensland. We struggle with more frequent and intense droughts. Insect borne diseases. Geopolitical instability. Coral bleaching. More jellyfish.

But while the media reports on these stories every day, too often, they fail to connect these impacts to climate change.

To make the next federal election the climate election, we need to change this media story and shift the public conversation. Again and again, we need to demonstrate the urgency and the overwhelming public demand for action so our political leaders have no choice but to step up and lead.

Together, we can and must put climate damage on the front page.

It’s time to flood the media with the voices and experiences of people on the frontline – emergency responders, people in bushfire zones, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, healthcare workers, elderly people, farmers, wildlife rescuers, scientists, gardeners, young people, grandparents and concerned citizens everywhere.

Will you share your #climatestory? Can we support you to get your story into local or national media, online or out in your community?

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