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Sat., 29 June 2019
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Armidale Vegetable Sowing Guide
This guide shows planting time periods that should allow you to get a crop in Armidale.

Now is your last chance to go solar before RECs reduce again on 1 January 2019

The uptake of solar power across Australia continues to be one of the shining lights for sustainability, particularly against the backdrop of drought, deepening climate change and losses to biodiversity.

The financial benefits of going solar are as significant for most people as these environmental reasons.

St Vincent de Paul’s recent annual electricity report (see Sydney Morning Herald article here) found that people living in regional and rural NSW are bearing the brunt of high electricity prices, paying up to $1,000 more for power a year than those living in the city.

Significantly, for Farming the Sun’s New England North West bulk-buy program, households in the Tamworth region are paying the highest electricity rates in NSW, with an average annual bill of $4,090.

St Vincent de Paul found that the 400,000 NSW households with solar panels saved on average $885 more on their power bills than houses without solar energy.

Tamworth, together with much of rural and regional Australia, is undergoing an energy transformation. Much like it did all those years ago when it became the first city in Australia to get electricity street lights.
Read on below for all this news and more, and check out our website for current details of all our community solar programs:

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