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Petition to end deforestation in Australia

Last week, the Wilderness Society wrote to the UN asking them to investigate the alarming deforestation crisis in Great Barrier Reef catchments — and it’s international news.

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which is the body set up to look after World Heritage Properties including the magnificent Reef, is meeting in Bahrain.

Along with the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund, Wilderness Society have asked to urgently investigate the skyrocketing deforestation threatening the Reef.

Add your name to the petition to stop Australia’s deforestation crisis.

Over 36,000 hectares of old growth forest is slated to be bulldozed in Great Barrier Reef catchments. That’s the equivalent of 22,000 football fields. And all while Australia should be doing everything we possibly can to protect the Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

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