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You need to RSVP now: Break Free from Fossil Fuels — Newcastle weekend of action

Saturday, 7 MaytoSunday, 8 May

As people on every continent on earth shut down their countries’ most dangerous fossil fuel projects, hundreds of Australians will come together on the 7th-8th of May at the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle. Together we will create Australia’s largest ever action at a fossil fuel site.

For decades now, Australia has allowed dirty and damaging coal to flood out of the Port of Newcastle, polluting surrounding communities, exporting climate pollution to the rest of the world. In Paris, Australia joined with the world to end the age of fossil fuels. If they’re serious, the buck starts with the world’s largest coal port in Newcastle.

Click here to RSVP and with hundreds in Newcastle and show our Government that it’s time to break free from fossil fuels.

We’ll provide transport, logistics and training details as soon as you sign-up!

By standing together in our hundreds and shutting down our biggest contribution to global emissions, we can show our Government that if they won’t do what it takes to break Australia free from fossil fuels, then everyday people will.

We will put our bodies on the line to stop the digging and burning of dirty fossil fuels and call-out the politicians who perpetuate this destructive cycle. And we will demand a plan that properly supports workers and communities to transition away from decades of living and working around coal and gas. And what better time to send that message than a few months out from a federal election.

By confronting the power of the fossil fuel industry, we can create space for something better to grow in its place: from clean energy projects to local solutions that provide for a just transition for workers and those impacted by fossil fuel exploitation to a new kind of economy.

Together, let’s make this the turning point.  

Emma for the Break Free team

PS: Help us spread the word by joining the Break Free Australia facebook event and inviting all your friends.

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