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Invitation to participate in a Tarkine BioBlitz

Thursday, 19 NovtoSunday, 22 Nov

BioBlitz-graphic-smallThe Bob Brown Foundation would like to invite you to participate in a Tarkine BioBlitz from Thursday 19 Nov to Sunday 22 Nov.

A BioBlitz is a festival of science in nature. In one of the world’s last wild places, the Tarkine, our BioBlitz will discover and record as many living things as possible over a weekend. BioBlitzes are fun, educational and meaningful to the community, naturalists and scientists alike. This is an event where everyone can explore, learn and contribute to our knowledge of biodiversity. Through BioBlitz we will together create a significant resource of biodiversity data and have an opportunity to share knowledge and enthusiasm for the natural world and one of the last wild places on the planet, the Tarkine.

In our efforts to build a national and international campaign to bring forward the day when the Tarkine gets the respect, status and protection it warrants as a prime part of Australia’s and the world’s surviving cultural and national heritage. We see science as a central component to this campaign, including addressing the knowledge gaps in our understanding of the biodiversity of the Tarkine region.

The success of a BioBlitz depends on the knowledge and enthusiasm of the participating experts. We are currently recruiting scientists, naturalists and enthusiasts to participate in a Tarkine BioBlitz. Sign up as a survey leader or volunteer!

Very soon we will be releasing a program of workshops and events that will happen during BioBlitz. If you are not a willing survey leader or volunteer and would like to participate we will be letting you know more soon. So stay tuned for the program release. You can also stay with us at the base camp as a participant.

The main goal of this event is to survey the biological diversity of the Tarkine.We will conduct an intensive field study of two locations in the Tarkine – a coastal region and forest region. A central base camp will provide comfortable facilities to share discoveries, identify and collate specimens, database records and, of course, rest and relax after a day in the field.

A BioBlitz is a unique combination of taxonomic inventory, public outreach, and science education. At its core, the Bioblitz is a species inventory in which teams of volunteers, each led by an expert, find, identify, and map as many species as possible within a designated time period.

BioBlitz have revealed new species of insects and bacteria in the middle of city parks – imagine what we can find in this wild and remote NW corner of Tasmania!

Tarkine BioBlitz will be held over 72 hours. You are welcome to join us from Thursday 19 Nov to Sunday 22 Nov, or any time in between. On Friday 21 Nov we will be inviting school groups to join the BioBlitz and Saturday and Sunday will be open to the public to participate. We will be travelling out each day to the Tarkine locations from our base camp.

For more information visit our webpage: bobbrown.org.au/bioblitz

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