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Road to Paris’ first Extra article featured!

Sunday, 7 Jun
11:00 am
Alain attracting a lot of attention at the Farmers Markets

Alain attracting a lot of attention at the Farmers Markets

A number of the Road to Paris crew donned their Frenchie gear on the 7th of June at the Farmers Markets, and distributed Road to Paris bookmarks to market goers.

We engaged with a number of community members who took a strong interest in positive steps towards sustaining the climate, and were supportive of the campaign.

Alain attracted a lot of attention while walking the markets on stilts, mega baguette in hand, practicing french and entertaining kids.

Future appearances at the Farmers Markets are currently being planned, so keep an eye out for more art, events, and appearances at the markets and around town!

For those of you who missed last Friday’s edition of the Extra, you can see our first Road to Paris article here

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