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CSIRO and BOM create new site: Climate Change in Australia

csiro11CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology have recently completed updated climate projections to supersede information released in 2007. The research is currently available on the Climate Change in Australia website as a pdf downloadable ‘Technical Report’ and represents the most comprehensive climate projections ever released in Australia.

The Climate Change in Australia website will be updated this week to include access to information and data via user-friendly tools that facilitate impact assessments and adaptation planning within government, industry and community.

Further information about climate science, modelling and projections can be found in the educative Climate Campus, designed to build knowledge in key climate science areas.

Some of the tools available on the site include;

Climate analogues tool – Helps users to answer questions like ‘What will Melbourne’s climate be like in 2050 under high greenhouse gas emissions?’ through finding analogue towns with a current climate that matches the annual average rainfall and temperature of the future scenario.

Thresholds calculator – Users can explore projected changes in annual-average number of days above or below selected thresholds for maximum and minimum temperatures.

Australian Climate Futures – A tool to support the selection of individual climate models for impact assessment, enabling users to select and use model output that is representative of the range of plausible climate futures. Users can select a ‘worst case’ scenario, a ‘best case’, or a ‘maximum consensus’ case that is relevant to their context. Check out this Climate Futures animation explainer for more information.

Map explorer – As suggested by its name, this tool allow users to produce a map of climate projections for individual climate models across a range of variables, time periods and emissions scenarios. Users can zoom into regions of interest and download data in different formats.

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