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Commute Challenge ’18 — Bicycle shop voucher prizes!

Monday, 17 Sep 6:00 amtoSunday, 23 Sep 10:00 pm

Pedal to Piney 2015How much can you ride during Bike Week?

Sept 17th-23rd
Ride. Log your trips. Be in the riding to win hundreds of dollars of bicycle shop vouchers!

The Commute Challenge is a friendly competition to encourage cycling as a fun and healthy alternative to vehicle commuting. Participants can register as an individual or team of 3-8 riders. Participation is easy, all you have to do is log your bike commutes online. Encourage riders at your school or work to participate!

What you need to know

  • Friendly competition to see who can log the most bicycle commutes during Armidale’s Bike Week from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd of September inclusive
  • Register as an individual or team and encourage new riders in your school or workplace to participate
  • Challenge other schools and businesses to see who can ride the most!
  • Register yourself or your team 
  • To register enter your name, email and create a password (this will be used to log in during bike week and record your commutes)
  • To register a team, have one person from the team create a team name. Other team members can then select that team name when recording their commutes in the online trip table.
  • Teams must be comprised of 3-8 riders
  • Log your Bike Week commutes online through an easy form

What can I count as a commute/trip?

Any bicycle ride you take between the competition start and end dates that takes you from point A to point B for a specific purpose. For instance, commutes from home to work, to do the shopping, to visit a friend or run an errand, or any other non-recreational ride that may have otherwise been done in a vehicle.

How is the competition scored?

The purpose of this competition is to get people pedalling instead of driving and to promote bicycling as a sustainable transportation mode in Armidale. While we encourage you to rack up the kilometres by biking as many places as you can during Bike Week, points will also be awarded for number of trips taken by bike!

How do I submit my commute/trips?

You may enter your kilometres and trips online at

Data must be submitted within 2 days of the end of the competition.

How do I know how many kilometres I’ve ridden each day? 

Google Maps can measure bike distances or use a smart phone GPS app

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