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Community Power Agency is hiring!

Sunday, 11 Mar
5:00 pm

Are you passionate about community energy? Do you want to help ensure all Australians can access the benefits of clean energy, no matter where they live or how much they earn? Are you an experienced project manager?

We are seeking someone to come and work with the Community Power Agency team for the next 8-months and hopefully longer, to manage our projects about Social Access Solar.

This week we found out that over 1.8 million households now enjoy the benefits of clean, cheap energy produced from solar panels installed on their roofs. Unfortunately, not every household has a sunny roof suitable for solar. These ‘locked out’ customers might live in apartments, be renters or have no solar access. Overwhelmingly, the most vulnerable, low-income electricity users in our society fall into this category.  At Community Power Agency we are tackling this challenge head on. We want you to join us.

If you’d like to be a part of making the transition to clean energy fairer for all, check out our Social Access Solar Project Manager Job Ad here .  Applications close on Sunday 11 March.

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