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I’ll Have Your Sunburnt Country — poem by G. Adani

Many of you may not know that Mr Gautam Adani writes poetry in his spare time. He has written this poem for Australians…

“I’ll Have Your Sunburnt Country”

A poem by Mr Gautam Adani

I love a Sunburnt Country,
A land of leaking brains
Of coal-fired power stations
And sulphuric acid rains.

I love her politicians
With their billion dollar loan
Their greed and bland stupidity
Will take everything you own

The stark white ring-barked forests,
Will be crushed and chipped and burned
As my tax-payer funded empire
Takes everything you’ve earned

With record-breaking temperatures,
Her pitiless blue sky,
And sick at heart, around us,
You’ll see many species die

Core of my plans, this country!
O fund my bank account.
Build me rail lines and palaces
Before I wipe you out

I love an open-cut country,
The land of Galilee.
I’ll dig a toxic filthy trench
And run it to the sea

And there I’ll load my filthy coal
On rusty leaking ships
And kill off bits of sparkling reef
On every single trip.

It won’t be long before I’m gone
But my name you won’t forget
The legacy I leave behind
Will be a giant debt

I’ll take your Sunburnt country
I’ll take your water too
Malcolm, Josh and Anastasia
Reckon they approve

So if you want to stop me
You better do it fast.
My tax haven is waiting,
And the coal supply won’t last

If you want your sunburnt country
To run on reneweable energy
Then stand up now and work it out,
How do you want to be?

You can be the world’s polluter,
A criminal like me
Or make the future safe for all
Its not that hard to see

So if you want to Stop Adani now
Give it everything you’ve got
Stand up for what you know is right
Or I’ll take the bloody lot

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