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Transition Communities National Summit on Wed 6 & Thurs 7 Sept 2017

Wednesday, 6 SeptoThursday, 7 Sep

Hi to all Transition and like-minded Sustainability groups in Australia,

We invite you to a Transition Communities National Summit on Wed 6 & Thurs 7 Sept 2017 at William Angliss Centre near Flagstaff train station in Melbourne, organised jointly by a fledgling Transition Hub Australia organising team and MAV (Municipal Association of Vic).

Every Council and Transition group in Australia is being invited to this conference. As well as a learning opportunity with a plethora of marvellous information, it is a crucial opportunity, through conference fees, for Transition to raise the money to create, develop and fund staff to start up an Australia-wide virtual Hub.

We understand that you and some other Transition volunteers may find difficulty in paying the conference fee from your own pocket. However, we urge you to see this payment as an investment in a vibrant and dynamic Transition movement future. You will note that Transition volunteers are being asked to cover only the cost of attendance and hence will pay less than half the fee charged for Councils. We hope that your group could approach your Council to request funds to support sending a Transition member. Or, perhaps your group might consider raising funds to allow attendance at the Conference.

Melbourne transitioners are very happy to billet people from interstate or regional Victoria.

This is the first summit of this kind. Please encourage your Council to send staff members and Councillors and we hope someone from your Transition group can attend.

Please look at the program: 2017 Transition Communities National Summit

Thanks and best regards

Barbara and Mary for the Transition Hub Australia organising team.

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