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The International Transition Initiative is based on responding to the challenges of peak and diminishing oil reserves and climate change at three levels – head, heart and hands.


The Armidale Heart and Soul Group, focusing on the heart aspect of the transition, was convened on 28 April 2009.

The role of the group is to explore the psychological, spiritual and consciousness aspects of the transition and to find ways to support and inspire the transition initiative as it moves towards a resilient low carbon future.

The Heart and Soul group recognises that before we can make the practical changes that are needed we need to make an internal transition and accept that the future will look very different from the present.

Some of the areas that the group sees as central to the transition process include:

  • connection (with spirit, with feelings, between individuals, between groups, within communities, with nature and the earth, with the wisdom of the elders and with the future)
  • inclusiveness
  • communication;
  • vision, creativity and celebration;
  • replenishment and nourishment of the energy and inspiration of ourselves and others
  • identifying, understanding and making available to the wider group skills that might be helpful, such as meditation, mediation, mentoring, communication, distress tolerance
  • development of will, persistence and commitment

We look forward to hearing from others who are interested in being part of this group, which plans to meet on a monthly basis (see event calendar).

ConvenorPaul Reader

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Black Gully Festival 2015 is here!

Black Gully Festival 2015 is here!

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Intentional community start up looking for investors

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Inner Transition

Inner Transition

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Earth Healing Meditation

Earth Healing Meditation

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