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This coming Thursday is D-Day for Leard Forest

Thursday, 15 FebtoFriday, 16 Feb

This coming Thursday is D-Day – i.e. destruction day, when the annual bulldozing period commences at the Leard State Forest.

We do not have volunteers for the critical days of Thursday and Friday this week.

We recognise that it is difficult for people to come here to the frontline, and I admit it is a challenging environment to work in.

However, there is something that could be of enormous assistance to us, which is temperature monitoring, which is something that a willing volunteer or two could perform remotely by maintaining a regular monitoring of key Ozforecast weather stations throughout the daylight hours of Thursday and Friday.

This is because there is a prohibition on clearing forest when it is over 36 degrees. The rationale for this is because animals are stressed in extreme heat and cannot flee to safety. I know this is a hideous story to tell.

This is an urgent call out for volunteers who would be willing to maintain an hourly vigil monitoring the Ozforecast weather stations at North Avoca, Middle Creek and 2 other weather stations?

They would be requested to send us an alert as soon as the temperature hits 35 degrees so that we can commence reporting and social media. Contact SLA to volunteer and we will pass on contact details.

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